Cooking Class 015Hi!  My name is Charmaine Broughton, in a “nutshell” (*pardon the food related pun) I love food, cooking & eating.  I truly feel blessed to do what I love, and share it with others.  Below is a mini bio of  what I do in the “world of food”.  Please do not be intimidated, I cook & write recipes for a living. I’m a chef, not a rock star.  Wait…I can’t lie, when I receive feedback from folks who have attended my cooking classes, or recreated my recipe(s) from a publication, and by doing so they now consider themselves the CEO of their kitchens rather than calling for take-out or buying pre-packaged foods (*two bite brownies and/or salt and vinegar potato chips, however, are totally legit!) that makes me feel like a rock star!

Okay, so here it goes: I am a trained chef, cooking instructor, and food writer & recipe developer for a number of national publications including: Running Room Magazine, Mizuno Run Club, STRONG Fitness Magazine and Oxygen Magazine.  I eat and play with food for a living.      

Once a month I pack up my pots and pans and head to the set of Rogers Daytime where I share my enthusiasm for all things food and cooking.  I have also appeared on City Line and Toronto’s Breakfast Television.

Clearly I'm not ready to star in my own yoga video yet.  My version of Chaturanga pose!

Clearly I’m not ready to star in my own yoga video yet. My version of Chaturanga pose!

I am an avid runner (completing dozens of marathons and triathlons – if you were paid to eat, you would too!) and proud ambassador of both Mizuno Running and the Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon. I am a wannabe yogi, and fully admit working a ten inch Henckel is much easier than contorting my body while moaning Ohm.  Yoga to me is  like eating fresh oysters on the half shell; you don’t know what you’re missing until you have given it a chance. Yum, I mean Ohm.  *go register for a yoga class, now!

Tyler and Colgan whipping egg whites  for Mini Baked Alaskas!

Tyler and Colgan whipping egg whites for Mini Baked Alaskas!

Most importantly; I am the Mom of two stellar & very active  boys, Tyler & Colgan.  I understand the importance of preparing healthy wholesome dishes all while keeping budget (*I often think about the BMW I would drive if groceries were free – and I only have two children) and time in mind.  If you want to save time,  money and teach your children a basic life skill, start in your kitchen!  I will be posting many tips, tricks and recipes to help you & your family rule your kitchen so you can all feel like rock starts too!

Please sit up straight, while you eat your peas & carrots, and read this very serious quote from yours truly:

“I make a very conscious effort in my food writing and cooking classes to use attainable and seasonal ingredients combined with methods of cooking folks can confidently use in their own kitchens.  What is the point of writing recipes busy people and parents need a French dictionary to understand?  I promise my recipes will have readers out of the drive thru and in their kitchens, recreating healthy, wholesome meals (using real food) with ease again and again.” ~ Chef Charmaine